Why to Learn C?

Why start programming with C?

Although there are hundreds of programming languages available to choose from, there is a reason why C is recommended as the beginners choice to start programming.

There are numerous benefits of starting programming journey with C. Some of the Key Benefits are:


Why C ?

Name any other programming language, I'll bet you, no one could ever match with C/C++ in terms of performance. It's lightning fast.

Most of the modern programming languages focus on building functionalities.

If you know C/C++ well, you can optimize the performance of your code in the more efficient way.

Middle level programming language

Being a middle-level language, C combines the features from both high level and low-level languages.

C is capable of writing System(low) level Applications like the kernel, drivers, and so forth. And High-level Applications like Games, Graphics, Enterprise Applications and so on.

The Mother language

It is considered to be the Mother Language because most of the Compilers, Kernels, and JVMs are written in C.

Many languages follow the syntax of C language and provide the core concepts like file handling, arrays, functions.

Structured Programming Language

C is a procedure-oriented structured programming language. C languages break the programs into subparts or procedures, which makes the code easier to understand and alter.

Applications of C

  • Unix
  • Widely Used in Kernels
  • Mysql Server - C,C++
  • Operating Systems - Unix, Windows
  • Development of New Languages
  • Embedded Systems
  • Graphics and Games
  • Drivers
  • Compilers
  • Text Editor

In the next, we will discuss brief history of C Language.

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