In this chapter we will learn about basic programming concepts

Basic Concepts of a Programming Language -

If you take a close look at any language that a human speaks, you will notice that there are some rules which are needed to make sentences in that language, as you know they are grammar, vocabulary, Verbs, nouns and so on.

Why C ?

Much like human languages, computer programming languages are also made up of several elements. Almost all the programming languages have certain elements that are common. Below is the list of those elements that we will study in further chapters.

Programming Elements -

  • Syntax

  • Data types

  • Variables

  • Keywords

  • Constants

  • Operators

  • Input/Output

  • Decision making

  • Loops

  • Arrays

  • Characters & Strings

  • Functions

We will study all of these in general with separate chapters with relevant examples. We will study these in C programming language.

We have already seen the syntax of a C program in the previous chapter. In the next Tutorial, We will study different Data Types of C language.

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