How to install eSpeak in Ubuntu

Install eSpeak in Ubuntu, an Open-Source Text-To-Speech Engine.

eSpeak: Introduction

eSpeak is a compact, open source, and cross-platform text-to-speech(TTS) engine.

eSpeak was recommended by Microsoft in 2016 and was used by Google Translate for 27 languages in 2010.

Fact: This amazing TTS engine is written in C programming Language.

Prerequisite for Installation

  • sudo or root access to ubuntu

Difficulty Level: Easy

Video Tutorial

Installing eSpeak in Ubuntu

Open terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+T on your keyboard or by searching terminal in the menu.

Now use the package manager to install espeak by typing

Command to Install eSpeak

 sudo apt-get install espeak

Enter your password when ask and hit Enter.

Give confirmation to install eSpeak, By typing y and hit Enter.

Now, wait for the installation to finish.

Once the installation is Completed, you can start using eSpeak.

How to convert text to speech

Now to convert any Text to Speech, type the following command in terminal

How to use eSpeak

 espeak "TextToConvert"

We will make espeak to speak "You are awesome"

To do that, type the following in the terminal

Command to speak YouAreAwesome

 espeak "YouAreAwesome"

This will speak, "You are awesome".

Note: As you may have noticed, that the first letter of each word is in Capital letter and there is no space among All the words. This way eSpeak will speak properly. When space is found eSpeak won't speak the words after space.

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